One of the greatest documents ever written — now more accessible than ever.


The complete official text: original 9 articles + all 27 amendments ◆ Readable, modern type ◆ Footnotes + explanatory text ◆ Designed + printed in the USA


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We’re certain that this is the best print of the Constitution of the United States you’ll ever find. Here’s why:


  1. The complete text of the Constitution of the United States: the original nine articles, the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights, and the seventeen other amendments.
  2. Footnotes explain how each amendment altered the Constitution.
  3. Explanatory notes indicate the purpose of each article as well as the dates each amendment was passed by Congress and ratified by the states.
  4. Obsolete or superseded portions of text are indicated by italic type.

All beautifully typeset in easy-to-read modern type in a 24- by 36-inch (61×91 cm) print on high-quality 80# text stock with a semigloss finish.

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